Why House Church?

Written By Dale PartridgeSeptember 5, 2022

A short discussion helping Christians evaluate the advantages of joining a biblical house church.

Season 01 • Episode #01 • Dale Partridge and Dr. Jason Barker

More and more Christians are looking at their Bible in their left hand and then looking at their Sunday experience in their right hand and seeing that they aren’t matching up. That is, a greater number of believers are seeing the inconsistencies between Scripture and their church practice.

In this Episode

Reformation Seminary Founder Dale Partridge and Academic Dean Dr. Jason Barker answer the foundational question that all newcomers ask, “Why Hosue Church?” Namely, what are the spiritual and ecclesiastical advantages of the house church model, and why should faithful Christians consider planting or joining one of these small communities?

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Dale Partridge
Dale Partridge (@DalePartridge) is the founder of Reformation Seminary and Relearn.org. He is a house church planter, elder, and author of several books. Dale finished his graduate studies at Western Seminary, conducted further studies at The Master's Seminary, and is currently studying at Grace Bible Theological Seminary. He is the teaching pastor at Reformation Fellowship in Sedona, Arizona.