What Does Evangelism Look Like in a House Church?

Written By Dale PartridgeOctober 17, 2022

A short discussion helping Christians evaluate the advantages of joining a biblical house church.

Season 01 • Episode #08 • Dale Partridge and Dr. Jason Barker

How do you keep a biblical house church focused on the Great Commission, and prevent them from becoming only inward-focused? As Christians, we are called to evangelize to the lost, sharing with them the hope that is in us through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. We must have an appetite for sharing the Gospel and must be properly equipped after we come together as a body to worship and glorify God. Biblical house churches should do just that. Because of the intimate and tight-knit community, we can be strengthened by one another, grow in our knowledge of the truth, and be more prepared and able to evangelize in our everyday lives.

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In this episode of How We Do House Church, Dr. Jason Barker and pastor Dale Partridge discuss what evangelism looks like for a biblical house church, and how it involves the equipping of each member of the local body.

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Dale Partridge
Dale Partridge (@DalePartridge) is the founder of Reformation Seminary and Relearn.org. He is a house church planter, elder, and author of several books. Dale finished his graduate studies at Western Seminary, conducted further studies at The Master's Seminary, and is currently studying at Grace Bible Theological Seminary. He is the teaching pastor at Reformation Fellowship in Sedona, Arizona.